State Aerie Presidents Message


To all Brothers that have brought in at least one new member this year I owe you a” BIG” thank you. As a result of your hard work and efforts we have made it as a Net Gain State and at plus one percent. We are on track and could possibly be very close if not at Net Gain plus two percent by May 15th. This is something which has only been done a few times in recent history in our state and I thank you all for doing this during my year and I hope that Vice President/President Elect Brother Jim Holmes will experience the same hard work and devotion during his term as well. 

Please be sure your Aerie sends their delegates to the State Convention this year. It would be very heartwarming to see more members attending the Convention. If each Aerie sends them it shows their membership they truly have some representation on issues at the state level.

I have heard Brothers talking about some changes that need to be made to our Constitution and Statutes at the State and Grand levels. Come to the Convention and see how those By-Law changes are submitted and voted on. Hold your Aerie, District or Zone caucuses and invite the new Candidates for State Office to see who you want to lead our State Aerie in the following years. You as a delegate have a voice at the Convention in the Business and in the Elections. Bring a guest member to the convention to let them see for themselves the process. Only delegates are allowed to vote but maybe they may become delegates the next year. 

My home Aerie is Puyallup #2308 but I am also a Past Aerie President of Yakima #289 where I now live. This is the reason for my Homecoming in Yakima on Sunday May 19th @3:00 pm. Prior to the Homecoming will be a District 2 Memorial, Installation and short meeting. If there is anything you would like to share regarding my years as a Washington State Aerie Officer, please feel free to share them on an open microphone “G” rated please.


Mark Crouchet SWP

Washington aerie officers 2018-2019