I want to thank each and every Brother that has signed up at least one new or reenrolled member during my 2018-2019 year. Due to your efforts we are once again #2 out of the top 15 in membership as of February 1st 2019, keep up the great work. Our Goal as set by the Grand Worthy President, is Net Gain +2%. We are well on our way to that Goal and with your continued help we can achieve that. Remember we each owe our Aerie’s at least one new member per year. Also do not hold out on reporting those new member, get them in before May 1st. or they may end up in the 2019-2020 year.

The East side Aerie and Auxiliary Zone Conference will be held at Yakima Aerie #289 on March 23rd. The West Side Zone Conference in Puyallup was in my opinion very successful and there was a lot of input from those in attendance. The sharing of ideas as it relates to membership and retention of those new and current members is paramount to our survival. I am hoping that we have a great and productive conference in Yakima as well.

As I had mentioned before, my visitations have been great and I have enjoyed each Aerie and the Brothers and Sisters that I have met and those that I know. I want to thank each Aerie and Auxiliary for their support of my Charities. I have been collecting donations for two scholarship programs, one is the Washington State Youth Convention Scholarship program started by PSP Ken Schnorr and the other one is the Washington Past Presidents scholarship program that is given out at the Funvention. We are trying to keep these programs funded and with your help we may be able to give out even more scholarships. The Jimmy Durante Raffle with proceeds going to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital for “Abused Children” will be held on April 6th 2019 at the Spring Executive Board in Yakima and you need not be present to win. A big thank you to those that have helped with sale of these tickets.


Mark Crouchet SWP

Washington aerie officers 2018-2019