Fall is here and with it a very busy month ahead of us with Fall Conference and State E-Board the weekend of October 5,6 &7 and Pacific Northwest Regional Conference the weekend of October 19,20 &21. Both of these conferences are in Wenatchee so please come out and support them. 

We mourn the loss of some great brothers in this fraternity over the last few years. These Brothers will be greatly missed by all. They have left some very large shoes to fill but I know we have some other brothers who are very capable. If you are interested in running for state office please let someone know. The time is now to get the word out! 

A big congratulation is owed to our own Brother PSP Bill Stotko for his recent appointment to the position of Grand Aerie Outside Guard. Bill has a busy schedule this year with his jobs at the Grand Aerie and as Pacific Northwest Regional President. Feel free to ask him if he needs help with anything. We want our state brothers to succeed in their endeavors. 

I would like to thank everyone who I have met in my visits as of today for being such wonderful hosts and very generous towards my charities. Don’t forget to have a Happy Halloween.


Mark Crouchet 

Washington State Aerie President

grand aerie justice

David Krogh

Member of Bremerton, WA Aerie 192

Washington State President 1997-1998

Washington State Hall of Fame 2006

Eagle Valley Campground Chairman

Washington aerie officers 2018-2019