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Aerie and Auxiliary Fundraising Events Report
(Feel free to reproduce this form as needed.)


This report will go into establishing a Database for the State. This will help us in our efforts to promote our Fraternal Organization across the State and beyond. The following things that we are interested in are listed below.


Name of Event/Fundraiser:__________________________________________________
Date of Event: ---/---/--‑


Name of Chairman or Organizer(s):____________________________________________


Was this an Aerie, Auxiliary, JointFunction, Youth Function or a JointCommunity effort? (Circle One)


Approximate number in attendance? [__________ ]


Aerie Number and or Location of event if different: Aerie #__________________________



Amount raised from this function: $


Where will the funds raised go?                  [ ] Charity              (Type)_ [ ] Individuals (community or Member) [ ] Organization (Type/Name)

[ ] Scholarships (Type and how many)


Note; If the money raised was for a Family, what were the circumstances? List them with the Individuals box checked)


Was there any media coverage? (Radio-TV Newspaper) {Circle one} Total volunteer Hours:        


Thankyou in advance foryour help in collecting thisinformation. This enables others to see that we are truly People Helping People.


Please return to:

Washington State FOE


Chuck Wood

7016 87`" St. NW

Gig Harbor, Washington 98332 Or Email me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.