For reservations and any questions call Eagle Valley phone number (509) 674-7762


Eagle Valley Brochure

Eagle Valley is the jewel of the Washington State Aerie and Auxiliary. Unfortunately not everyone knows about this wonderful campground owned by the members of the Washington Sate Eagles. Please download the brochure and share it with your brothers and sisters. Better yet; make a bunch of copies and distribute them and your club:

Eagle Valley Directions

Eagle Valley Interactive Map


Rates: Water & Power Hookups

$20.00 per night

$133.00 per week

$510.00 per month


Dry Camping/Extra Tent

$ 14.00 per night

$91.00 per week

$360.00 per month


Day Use Only  $ 1.00 per adult, age 16 & over, per day


RV Storage  $1.00 per day (Dry storage only)