Candidates for Office

Candidates Running For Office

This is a list of the positions and candidates for State Aerie office 2018. The list may or may not be complete. If there are more than one person running for a position the names are listed alphabetically by last name. Please let the webmaster know if there are any errors or if a candidate wants a campaign poster added.

 Madam Vice President  Jo Ann Schultz
Madam Chaplain  Cheryl Postlethwaite  
Madam Secretary  
Madam Treasurer    
Madam Conductor  Jo Anna Anderson
Madam Inside Guard  Carol Schnorr  
Madam Outside Guard  Wanda Mountain  
  Christy Ray
Madam Trustee Loni Andrews  Poster
   Joyce Carson  
   Ruth Kidd  
   Pam Lindsey  
   Myloe Smith  
  Cynthia Washington-Mattson